We meet in Saratoga almost every Thursday evening at 7:30. I send out an email every Wednesday to verify or cancel the club, but there are very few cancellations.  Use the contact form to be added to the mailing list. Let me know your playing strength, if you’d like.

We meet at:
15555 Bohlman Rd, Saratoga 95070

Google maps has the location correct, but most other map services and GPS units do not have the addresses correct in this area. The road is twisty and steep, but paved the whole way.

Hwy 85 to the Saratoga Ave exit, and then turn south towards the hills. Keep to the right lane because the other lanes turn left in a few lights. At the Hwy 9 / Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road / Big Basin Way intersection (there is a fire station on the left) turn left and then turn right at Oak St, which it the first street on the right. The first time you come up I suggest you reset your trip meter; it is 2.2 miles up, but it seems farther and we have had many guests turn around before they get here. At the second stop sign (cemetery is ahead on the left) Oak St changes name to Bohlman. As you drive up you will see the addresses on mailboxes. Just over 1/2 way up you will see 15600 Belnap and you need to keep going; that mailbox is for a house on a side street. As you continue to climb the switchbacks you will get to a sign indicating “winding road next 3 miles” and then one that says “ICY” just before a “T” intersection. Go to the right and the road turns to face my gate and driveway about 150 yards ahead. You will see the lights on the gate posts. You can park your car inside; please park in a way that leaves room for others.

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